100-Area Monthly Reports [for 1947] [declassified]

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The Diversity of Social Theories (Current Perspectives in Social Theory, Volume 29)

Because the time while Talcott Parsons pursued the venture of 1 overarching common concept of society, the panorama of social thought has tremendously replaced, and the pluralism and multidimensionality elevated greatly. at the present time, with such a lot of assorted techniques in and to social concept, and a number of methods of defining and describing their dating to and relevance for the social sciences, there was a starting to be chance of range and pluralism tipping into fragmentation, making the chance of social scientists and sociologists having the ability to speak with the expectancy of achieving a few type of knowing, ever much less most probably.

Protective Measures for Housing on Gas-contaminated Land: (BR 414)

A realistic advisor to solid perform for the detailing and development of passive soil gasoline protecting measures for brand new and present residential improvement. the most gases thought of are methane, carbon dioxide and combos of the 2.

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The 105 mm smooth bore is particularly suited for raising the fire power of tanks in current use. The 120 mm gun is a very advanced weapon intended as tank armament for the 80’s and beyond1). Figure 17. 120 mm Rheinmetall smooth bore gun. : Die 120-mm-Glattrohrkanone von Rheinmetall (The 120 mm smooth bore Rheinmetall cannon). Internationale Wehrrevue (9), 1976, No. 4 (August), pp. 619 -624. XXXIII Figure 18. 120 mm KE m issile (Schlieren photograph). Rockets The development team at Rheinmetall is also involved in post accelerated projectiles and rockets, especially in the anti-tank sphere.

For a more exhaustive treat­ ment of the problem, the reader is referred to books [4] and [9] in the bibliography. These references deal with all the most important experimental and theoretical work that has been done in this field. As is discussed in Chapter 2, Internal B allistics, the burning characteristics of a propellant play a decisive role in determining the propulsion of a projectile. In rocket propulsion systems which use liquid propellants or lithergols, the rate at which the injection pump operates determines the rate at which the hot gases are produced.

Nitrocellulose is a nitric acid ester of cellulose. It is produced by adding nitrating acid (nitric acid and sulphuric acid) to cotton or wood cellulose. The gross formula with complete nitration is [C6H7O 2(O NO 2)3]n The degree of nitration depends on the nitrogen content. 4%. 6% nitrogen), are used. In the course of the process of propellant manufacture [8], the nitrocellulose is first gelatinized with a volatile solvent, usually an ether and alcohol mixture. The gel is then pressed into strands of the desired shape and size.

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