A Functional View of Language by A Martinet

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86-92. 57 TOWARDS A FUNCTIONAL SYNTAX TOWARDS A FUNCTIONAL SYNTAX Third, the relation of an element to the experience as a whole may be included in the 'meaning' of its linguistic equivalent: yesterday corresponds to an element of experience whose relationship to the whole is never in doubt. But, beside such perfectly autonomous segments as yesterday, we find cases where the 'meaning' of the moneme may, in certain contexts, imply a given function, as when Russian stol 'table', as an inanimate masculine, will tend to be considered a grammatical object, in the absence of any specific indication of that function.

50) (Baltimore, 1954), pp. 6-8, and Georges Gougenheim, 'Morphologie et fonctions grammaticales', Journal de psychologic (1959), pp. 4 17-26 . X 53 reference to what the experience really is that he wants to communicate. If: in some cases, the range of the choice happens to be limited, it will be so on account of the nature of the unit that is modified, as when a certain noun is never used in the plural, but not because of some limitation imposed by the structure of the sentence as a whole. erstand why linguists who, in their overwhelming majority, had been taught Latin grammar first, were tempted, at best, to consider them two aspects of the same linguistic reality.

The existence or status of 'semi-vowels' need probably not enter into consideration here. LINGUISTIC TYPOLOGY LINGUISTIC TYPOLOGY In reference to such a norm, the phonematics of a number of known languages could be characterized as follows: Trubetzkoy's main distinction among vocalic systems was between triangular and quadrangular patterns: Spanish with its single open vowel was said to have a triangular pattern; Finnish, with its distinction between front lal and back [e], a quadrangular one .

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