A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (d20 Fantasy by Suzi Yee, Joseph Browning

By Suzi Yee, Joseph Browning

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Cities who feel unjustly burdened by their town lord can petition the king for relief. Conversely, cities can also seek strong barons and lords if the king is the town lord tyrant. The Social City The cornerstone of a magical medieval society is definition and classification. Although a truism on the manor, this is especially true in the city, where many people live in close quarters and where new people are moving in all the time. Everyone belongs to a family, a manor, a lord, a guild, a religious order, or some other form of group identity.

They are ambassadors of the craft in civic matters and in dealing with the merchant guild. Besides controlling their craft and those who practice it, craft guilds also affect the city at large. Rebellions, revolts, and hostile takeovers have all found a start in the craft guild at one time or another. Weavers banding together in opposition to the merchant guild’s regulations on their craft, cobblers not agreeing with the large tax on fine foreign leather coming into the city, and masons striking because the master mason in charge of building the new church is not a local master mason are all common examples of craft conflict.

Where else can a wizard safely find the snake off a medusa’s head, even if he has to pay the outrageous guild price? Other possibilities are shared magical learning, spell trading, and lend/lease magic items. Holiday feasts and theater productions must be a riot at the guildhall, and the types of songs wizards sing after pitchers of ale are legendary. ” The guild acts as a police force for its craft, both on guild members and on outsiders within the guild’s territory. If there is a wizards’ guild in a city, being a member of the guild is not a luxury; it is a prerequisite.

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