A synopticon; An Index to the Great Ideas by Mortimer Adler

By Mortimer Adler

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Such demi-gods are intermediate by their the motions of the physical world ? Plotinus answers affirmatively that the purely intelligible beings are also pure intelligences, very nature. Although superhuman in knowledge and action, they still are not completely divine. Occupying a place between men and but he does not conceive them as having any power or action except that of knowledge. " Their existence are, is according to Plato, necessary to fill out the hierarchy of natures. are links in what has come to be called of knowables?

Ficult point. "When we tradif- consider the infinite power and wisdom of the Maker," he "we have reason to think that it is writes, suitable to the magnificent harmony of the Universe, and the great design and infinite goodness of the Architect, that the species of creatures should also, by gentle degrees, ascend upward from us toward his infinite perfection, as and creator of forms), and pet> UNLIKE Most of the we are concerned, the we see they great ideas with which idea of angel seems to be its historical scope.

Those rebellious spirits who had been degraded from the rank of angels, and cast down into the infernal pit, were still permitted to roam upon the earth, to torment the bodies and to seduce the minds of sinful men. " He does not further instruct us concerning angels in the Advancement of Learning, but in rior in nature the Novum Organum he throws light on their nature as well as ours by touching on one characteristic difference between the human and the angelic mind. Discussing there the theory of and power to man.

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