Adrenal Cortex by David C. Anderson and Jeremy S. D. Winter (Eds.)

By David C. Anderson and Jeremy S. D. Winter (Eds.)

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J. Novy and J. A . R e s k o , p p . 3 5 - 5 2 . N e w Y o r k : A c a d e m i c Press RICH, B . H . , ROSENFIELD, R. , LUCKY, A . w . , HELKE, J . c. a n d OTTO, p. (1981) A d r e n a r c h e : changing a d r e n a l r e s p o n s e t o a d r e n o c o r t i c o t r o p i n . Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 5 2 , 1129-1136 ROBINSON, p. , PERRY, K. A . , HARDY, K. J . , COGHLAN, J . p. a n d SCOGGINS, B. A . (1977) T h e i n n e r v a t i o n of t h e a d r e n a l cortex in t h e s h e e p , Ovis ovis.

Work in original publications from this laboratory cited in this review was supported by Research Grants AG00936 and CA32468 from the National Institutes of Health. References AGUILERA, c , PARKER, D. s. and CATT, K. j . (1982) Characterization of somatostatin receptors in the rat adrenal glomerulosa zone. , SANO, M. and YAMADA, s. (1980) Histological and electron microscopical changes of the adrenal cortex in the rats fed vitamin E deficient and linoleic acid supplemented diet. Bitamin, 54, 563-572 ANDERSON, D.

A detailed hypothesis of the regulation of adrenal androgen synthesis by control of reticularis width is not currently feasible. The mechanism by which such a steroid gradient might result in a fasciculata/reticularis transition remains speculative (Anderson, 1980; Hornsby and Crivello, 1983). However, it may be assumed that, as for the glomerulosa/fasciculata boundary, there is a critical concentration in the gradient that results in the transition. In the human, the presence of inner zones (reticularis or fetal cortex) is associated with large adrenal glands.

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