Advances in LES of complex flows: proceedings of the by Rainer Friedrich, Wolfgang Rodi

By Rainer Friedrich, Wolfgang Rodi

Includes the complaints of the EUROMECH Colloquium, held in Munich, Germany. Articles concentrate on new advancements within the box of large-eddy simulation of advanced flows on the topic of the subjects of modeling and research of subgrid scales, numerical matters in LES, and combustion and magnetohydrodynamics.

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We refer to Stolz et al. (2001a; 2001b) for the construction of suitable filters on non-uniform meshes and a description of the dynamic estima­ tion procedure for the relaxation parameter. In section 3 we assess the feasibility of low-order discretization schemes for LES with ADM. The performance of ADM is assessed in section 4 for turbulent shock-boundary-layer interaction. 2. The compressible conservation equations and the approximate deconvolution model For simplicity we perform the subsequent analysis with a generic one-dimensional transport equation for which represents the continuity, momentum and energy equation, respectively: In this equation the corresponding functional expressions for the flux are to be used, and additional terms of the flux divergence have to be added for higher dimensions.

In these cases the analysis of the effects due to a variable filter is more difficult, and should be the object of an extended work due to its practical interest. , WINCKELMANS, G. S. & JEANMART, H. 1999 Exact expansions for filtered scales modelling with a wide class of LES filters. Direct and Large Eddy Simulation III, Voke P. , Sandham N. D. and Kleiser L. Editors, Kluwer, 213–224 CLARK, R. , FERZIGER, J. H. & REYNOLDS, W. C. 1979 Evaluation of subgrid scale models using an accurately simulated turbulent flow.

Of Fluids 7, 1171 23. : 1997 ‘Large-eddy simulation of the turbulent mixing layer’ J. Fluid Mech. 339, 357 THE APPROXIMATE DECONVOLUTION MODEL FOR COMPRESSIBLE FLOWS: ISOTROPIC TURBULENCE AND SHOCK-BOUNDARY-LAYER INTERACTION S. STOLZ, N. A. ADAMS & L. KLEISER ETH Zürich, Institute of Fluid Dynamics, CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland Abstract. A formulation of the approximate deconvolution model (ADM) for the large-eddy simulation of flows in complex geometries is detailed and applied to compressible turbulent flows.

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