Advances in multi-photon processes and spectroscopy by S H Lin

By S H Lin

This quantity makes a speciality of the new fast progress in either experimental and theoretical reviews of multiphoton procedures and multiphoton spectroscopy of atoms, ions and molecules in chemistry, physics, biology, fabric sciences, and so forth. It includes papers readable by means of energetic researchers and through those that intend to go into it. conception and test are both emphasised, and every assessment article is written in a self-contained demeanour by way of specialists within the box in order that readers study the topic with out a lot instruction.

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3. 6 in which vibronic bands due to the simultaneous and sequential (2+1) processes are denoted by a and b , respectively. expressed in terms of 2OJR and 3to„. The abscissa is The molecular parameters used are A, = 0, A,- = 0 , and A , = A = 0 . 1 for the ka ' fm mk ma dimensionless displacements, u = 500 cm" for the molecular vibrational frequency, and to,- = 72180, to = 72180, is ma to0 _L_ = 48000, and w, = 32000 cm for the electronic energy IS ma gaps. 0, r£ a = 0, and 1^ ' = 2 . 0 cm" . One of the prominent features in the spectrum is the existence of the resonance band located at 2toR = 48360 cm .

II-l. We focus our attention on the two-photon transition via coherently excited resonant states. It is interesting to investigate possibility of observing the interference effects between molecular eigenstates of the resonant states such as a non-Lorenzian band shape in the two-photon ionization spectra or quantum beats in the time-resolved spectra. The two-photon transition rate from initial state a to (2) the final state f via resonant intermediate states, W^ (t) is given from Eq. 63) (2) in which two-photon transition operator, TT can be expressed as / 2 ) ( t "tl) = ^I^n C d P { " £ S R G s R ( P ) £ SR G SR ( p ) £ SR G SR(P> £ SR } x exp[p(t-t-,) ] .

38), we can express the kinetic 22 30 da aa(t) - f t — " ^am^. dt + -kaa°aa • = d)0 (t) ^ ma aa . Z k ^mm'Vm'^ m (3 k (t) . mm mm , I k m, -X) (0)a m m mm (3 2) ' ' and dg ff(t) _ vu(2)„ , . o ( t ) ^ fi -. m g — - *kf. °«. ( t ) a • (3 3) - where k &a = kj^+k'^, and k ^ = Jk^;>. Defining the matrix elements of R as mm mm £ £m Jim mm mm we can rewrite Eq. 2) as da (t) ,,. ~jm = IKl

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