AJCC Cancer Staging Manual by (auth.), Frederick L. Greene M.D., David L. Page M.D., Irvin

By (auth.), Frederick L. Greene M.D., David L. Page M.D., Irvin D. Fleming M.D., April G. Fritz C.T.R., R.H.I.T., Charles M. Balch M.D., Daniel G. Haller M.D., Monica Morrow M.D. (eds.)

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This consultant is for breast melanoma sufferers, their spouses and kids, and their households, co-workers, and acquaintances. the writer hopes to reply to the sensible, lifestyle questions that each breast melanoma sufferer or friend has. The ebook presents info, options, guidance, and concept for every little thing from that first biopsy to the five-year check-up.

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48. Five-year, relative survival by "combined" AJCC stage for squamous ceU carcinoma ofthe oropharynx, 1985-1991. -1 70 CI ~ 50 .. 50 11.. 40 ......... 2 ö( C l:! 2 617 1671 FIG. 5A. Five-year, observed survival by "combined" AJCC stage for squamous cell carcinoma ofthe hypopharynx, 1985-1991. 0 CASES 304 350 620 1688 FIG. 58. Five-year, relative survival by "combined" AJCC stage for squamous cell carcinoma ofthe hypopharynx, 1985-1991. ) 40 American Joint Committee on Cancer' 2002 BIBLIOGRAPHY Boyd TS, Harari PM, Tannehill SP, Voytovich MC, Hartig GK, Ford CN, Foote RL, Campbel!

Am J Surg 166:360-365, 1992 Kaplan MH, Feinstein AR: The importance of classifying initial co-morbidity in evaluating the outcome of diabetes mellitus. J Chron Dis 27:387-404, 1974 Karnofsky DA, Abelman WH, Craver LF, Burchenal JH: The use of the nitrogen mustards in the palliative treatment of carcinoma. Cancer 1:634-656, 1948 Krishnan-Nair M, Sankaranarayanan N, Padmanabhan T: Evaluation of the role of radiotherapy in the management of carcinoma ofthe buccal mucosa. Cancer 61:l326-l331, 1988 McDaniel JS, Dominique L, Musselman L, et al: Depression in patients with cancer.

5. 6. 3. 8 Hypopharyngeal aspect of aryepiglottic fold Posterior wall of hypo pharynx Overlapping lesion Hypopharynx, NOS Pharynx, NOS Waldeyer' s ring Overlapping lesion of lip, oral cavity and pharynx SUMMARY OF (HANGES • For oropharynx and hypopharynx only, T4 lesions have been divided into T4a (resectable) and T4b (unresectable), leading to the division of Stage IV into Stage IV A, Stage IVB, and Stage IVC. ANATOMY Primary Sites and Subsites. The pharynx: (including base of tongue, soft palate, and uvula) is divided into three regions: nasopharynx, oropharynx: and hypopharynx (Fig.

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