An anthology of Byzantine prose by Nigel Guy Wilson

By Nigel Guy Wilson

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It is a continuation of a similar work by George Syncellus and was undertaken at his request. Some parts are no more than a dull summary of extant sources such as Procopius, but elsewhere he has preserved valuable lost material. He makes a praiseworthy if not entirely successful attempt to achieve chronological precision: at the beginning of the account of each year he lists in eight columns the various rulers and patriarchs with the year of their reign or tenure of office. In style he is much closer to the colloquial than the Atticist.

Hesseling, Paris 1931. See also N. H. Baynes, OrChrPer 13. 1947. 404---14 (reprinted in his Byzantine studies and other essays, London 1966). 70 (p. e1crev a\rrov els To &-rro llepos Tfis ;r6i\eoos e[s 1TV6jlevcx 1TACXTCxVOV. ,aev Se tv cx\nij lllKpav s 6vp(Scx 86ev Kcxl avve-niyxcxvev Tois ;rpos a\rrov tpxollevo•s. >v: 'the monk', who was the narrator of the preceding story. 2 literally the Aramaic for 'father', as found in the N. >v) without regard to age. >S, 'in the region outside the city'.

16 aVE1T(j3aTov: 'inability to mount a horse (or mule)', a sense not attested by the lexica. Wovaav: se. 1T6AtV. Kj3cxi\eiv 'TO 61JW01Jevov, tvcx 1TCxV'TOOS ~v{ ye KCXKovpyoov Toov Svo S1a:Se1KvVOl'TO, i; CxVCXlpoov OOS IJlO"av6p001TOS, i; rnlOpKooV oos 6eo1Tapo1T'TOS. -~Sv. et Se 85 KCXl olov Crn01TE1pcxv 'TOV cxlpeia6cx{ 1JE 6aVCX'TOV 'TOV \Jnep aATl6e{cxs, 00s aoo'TT'lp1ocp6pov 1To'1'ftp1ov O"T'iiaov 'TO ~i\ov, ii &pov 'TO nVp 'fiSTl aTtiJEPOV. " 25 opKov: it looks as if some word like hd6T)KEV has fall~n out.

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