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The Genetic Gods: Evolution and Belief in Human Affairs

John Avise offers a overview of latest molecular biology that's really obtainable to the 'lay' reader with a few earlier publicity to the overall quarter of evolutionary-genetics. The discussions are a little bit philosophically charged (i. e. they don't stay inevitably technical) and comment on social, emotional, and theological concerns too.

Natural Genetic Engineering and Natural Genome Editing (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)

The hot literature on complete genome sequences presents considerable proof for the motion of normal genetic engineering in evolution. Discoveries approximately normal genetic engineering have coincided with fast growth in our realizing of epigenetic keep watch over and RNA-directed chromatin formation. unique cognizance has to be paid to the position of viruses and comparable so-called "parasitic" components within the foundation of genome formatting and usual genetic engineering services particularly the position of non-random genetic switch operators within the creation of advanced evolutionary innovations.

Evolution and Genetics of Populations. Volume 4: Variability within and among natural populations

"Wright's perspectives approximately inhabitants genetics and evolution are so primary and so accomplished that each critical scholar needs to research those books firsthand. . . . ebook of this treatise is an incredible occasion in evolutionary biology. "-Daniel L. Hartl, BioScience

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Xbm”. image image The image to display in the widget. If specified, this takes precedence over the text and bitmap options. width, height int The size of the label. If the label displays text, the size is given in text units. If the label displays an image, the size is given in pixels (or screen units). If the size is omitted, it is calculated based on the label contents. relief constant Border decoration. The default is FLAT. Other possible values are SUNKEN, RAISED, GROOVE, and RIDGE. Note that to show the border, you need to change the borderwidth from it's default value of 0.

Use LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTER. Option Type Description text string The text to display in the label. The text can contain newlines. If the bitmap or image options are used, this option is ignored. bitmap bitmap The bitmap to display in the widget. If the image option is given, this option is ignored. The following bitmaps are available on all platforms: “error”, “gray75”, “gray50”, “gray25”, “gray12”, “hourglass”, “info”, “questhead”, “question”, and “warning”. anchor constant Controls where in the label the text (or image) should be located.

0 the end. These methods are used by the Scrollbar bindings. 2 and earlier. For compatibility, use the string “moveto” instead. icursor() FIXME xview(SCROLL, step, what) yview(SCROLL, step, what) index() ⇒ integer Scroll the canvas horizontally (vertically) by the given amount. The what argument can be either UNITS (lines) or PAGES. These methods are used by the Scrollbar bindings. 2 and earlier. For compatibility, use the strings “scroll”, “units”, and “pages” instead. FIXME Options select_adjust(item, index) FIXME Table 12-2.

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