Anomalous Diffusion - From Basics to Applns. [LNP 0519] by A. Pekalski, et. al.,

By A. Pekalski, et. al.,

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16 A Short Biography of mKhas grub rje When the meeting took place there is said to have been an instant rapport between the two. d his new disciple what dreams he had had on the path, and upon relating to Tsong kha pa his vision of Maiijusri, the latter is said to have replied that mKhas grub rje was an extremely bright disciple of the highest quality who held great promise in being of benefit to others in the future. He also convinced the young mKhas grub rje to take as his new tutelary deity (yi dam) Vajrabhairava, which he did from then on, having obtained the initiation and complete instructions from his new master.

PSl Translation 35 Those who desire to rid themselves of the great peril, the reason behind the impediments [one has] toward the holy doctrine, should rely on the subtle (yang ba), give though giving is difficult, and collect disciples with the four means for accumulating them (sdu ba' i dngos po bzhi). One should, with every effort, teach this holy doctrine to the one who is a receptacle for this doctrine of holy men. 52 It is saying that those who have the ability to teach without erring must explain (the doctrine] with great fervor.

Though the younger contemporary of rGyal tshab Dar rna rin chen4 (1364-1432), who was Tsong kha pa's first successor to the throne of dGa' ldan, mKhas grub rje is often characterized as the "chief spiritual son" (sras kyi thu bo), 5 implying a closer personal relationship to Tsong kha pa. Indeed, so close were his spiritual ties to his master that, after the death of Tsong kha pa, mKhas grub rje is said to have received visions of him in many different forms. He is also, as we have seen, the first major upholder and defender of the tradition after the death of his teacher, guarding the doctrine set forth by his master against the onslaught of rival theories.

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