Appunti di Oleodinamica by Paolouzzi Zarotti

By Paolouzzi Zarotti

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The addition of a cosmological term entails the presence of a term Λδµν at the right hand side of Eq. 50) (see Eq. 52)). In the light of forthcoming applications, it is preferable to think about the Λ term as to a component of the total energy-momentum tensor of the Universe. Such a component will contribute to ρt and to pt with ρΛ = Λ , 8πG pΛ = −ρΛ . e. t > 0): • • • • the the the the Universe Universe Universe Universe expands when a˙ > 0; contracts when a˙ < 0. is said to be accelerating if a ¨ > 0; is said to be decelerating if a ¨ < 0.

Reference [79] describes mainly Friedmann’s contributions [81]. Due attention should also be paid to the work of G. Lemaˆitre [82–84] that was also partially motivated by the debate with A. Eddington [85]. According to the idea of Eddington the world evolved from an Einstein static Universe and so developed “infinitely slowly from a primitive uniform distribution in unstable equilibrium” [85]. The point of view of Lemaˆitre was, in a sense, more radical since he suggested, in 1931, that the expansion really did start with the beginning of the entire Universe.

Consequently, already a thorough parametrization of the non-adiabatic sector will entail, in its most general incarnation, 4 spectral indices, 4 spectral amplitudes and the mutual correlations of each non-adiabatic mode with the adiabatic one. Having said this, it is important to stress that this book will not deal with the problem of data analysis (or parameter extraction from the CMB data). The purpose of the present script will be to use CMB as a guiding theme for the formulation of a consistent cosmological framework which might be in sight but which is certainly not fully understood.

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