Athenian Lettering of the Fifth Century B. C.: The Rise of by Stephen V. Tracy

By Stephen V. Tracy

There has been a lot debate concerning the dates of fifth century B.C. Athenian inscriptions and the fingers of the inscribers. This publication brings order to the research of fingers of fifth century B.C. Athens by way of starting off a strategy, by means of discussing severely the makes an attempt of others to spot palms, and through proposing reviews of eleven inscribers. It narrows the dates of many texts and hence allows a higher appreciation of the heritage to which they endure witness.

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616. W. B. Dinsmoor, Jr. (The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis I: The Predecessors [Princeton 1980] 24–31) has demonstrated that the attractive suggestion for 11 the original location of the two slabs of this inscription in the forecourt of the Propylaea at the western entrance to the Acropolis can not be correct. On this, G. Németh, “HekatompedonProbleme,” ZPE 101, 1994, 215–218 and, for a defense of the traditional date, R. S. Stroud, “Adolf Wilhelm and the Date of the Hekatompedon Decrees” 85–97 in πιγραφαί· A.

17 figs. 14–15 for photographs of his writing. This man makes his alpha quite wide with a crossbar placed at the midpoint or lower in the letter. He angles up quite sharply the diagonal of his lambdas. Mu is wide and asymmetrical with a central part that extends down not more than halfway. Nu is rather wide and leans forward; the first stroke always leans but the third at times is vertical or leans only a little. The loop of rho is large and round. Upsilon is a curving V shape with little or no vertical.

More than half of the time the central one is placed slightly closer to the top than the bottom. Mu is wide and symmetrical; the central part does not quite extend down to the base of the letter. Round letters are quite round and placed so that they sit on, or very close to, the baseline of the letters. 014 m. long and does not lean, but is perfectly vertical. 01 m. in length, thickens at the end, and is angled up so sharply that the letter is thin (l. 4). The date of this lettering is 424/3; this measure proposed by a certain Kallias instructs the kolakretai to pay the priestess of Athena Nike “the 11 12 On this inscription and its date, Samons, Owl 184–189; see also Meiggs-Lewis no.

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