Augustus and the Principate: the Evolution of the System by Lacey, Walter Kirkpatrick

By Lacey, Walter Kirkpatrick

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Dangerous Voices: Women's Laments and Greek Literature

In risky Voices Holst-Warhaft investigates the ability and which means of the traditional lament, particularly women's mourning of the lifeless, and units out to find why laws was once brought to scale down those laments in antiquity. An research of laments starting from New Guinea to Greece means that this primarily woman artwork shape gave girls substantial energy over the rituals of loss of life.

Plautus and Roman Slavery

This publication reports a very important part within the background of Roman slavery, starting with the transition to chattel slavery within the 3rd century bce and finishing with antiquity’s first large-scale slave uprising within the 130s bce. Slavery is a courting of energy, and to check slavery – and never easily masters or slaves – we have to see the interactions of people who communicate to one another, a unprecedented form of proof from the traditional global.

A Medieval Miscellany

This selection of occasional writings via well known medieval pupil Margaret Wade Labarge considers an eclectic mixture of topics and matters within the historical past of the center a long time. the various lives of medieval girls, their strength and standing inside society, are depicted via their very own writings; questions of medieval tradition are associated with these dealing with humanity in our time; trip, as skilled via the main prestigious ambassador and through the lowliest pilgrim, is explored; and the origins and prerequisites of wellbeing and fitness care are tested.

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They supported Edgar’s claim to the throne of England, yet Margaret did not entirely trust their influence over her brother, who was too young to lead the rebellion these lords favored. She felt wary on his behalf. But she smiled as she sat beside Edgar, who drew his leather covering over her head and shoulders. She huddled close, her braids pooling like damp golden ropes in her lap. ” she asked. “Aye. The oarsmen are heading for it,” Edgar replied. ” She breathed out in relief. “We are still in danger of sinking,” Morcar said bluntly.

Scotland. Margaret sank back as the cart bumped along. While Cristina murmured with Kata, Margaret crossed herself and whispered a prayer for the safety of their journey, and their lives. But her thoughts were elsewhere. Now she began to deduce Edgar’s plan, and it gave her chills. The Saxons would need help to defend against the Normans, and the strongest and most immediate aid existed in Scotland. Despite the pummelings that Malcolm of Scotland, known for his brutish ways, had given Northumbria over the years, he would not want Normans near his own borders.

Their saviors were local Scots, Margaret learned, who spoke the native tongue, a lilting language that Cospatric alone understood. “These are Fife men, loyal to Malcolm,” he explained, seated in one of the boats with Margaret and several others. “They say their village is not far from one of Malcolm’s royal palaces. They will send word to the king’s men and we will shelter with the fishing families tonight. ” Shivering in her wet things, Margaret was so grateful to be heading toward blessed land that she almost did not care where it was.

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