Bats of southern and central Africa: a biogeographic and by Ara Monadjem

By Ara Monadjem

The booklet contains numerous artificial chapters at the evolution, biogeography, ecology and echolocation of bats. Species money owed supply details on quite a lot of organic issues and comprise colour images of bats (82 species), cranium and dental pictures (85 species) and exact time-expanded echolocation name spectrograms (56 species). id is aided by way of exact personality matrices (an said development on dichotomous keys), that are beneficial for id within the box in addition to from museum voucher specimens.

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An interesting life history has evolved in the polyoestrous molossid Tadarida fulminans, which breeds over the cool, dry season in southern Africa; this is interpreted as a response to predation on insect prey (aerial plankton) at high altitudes (Cotterill and Fergusson 1993, Cotterill 2001b). g. Epomophorus wahlbergi, Mops condylurus and Chaerephon pumilus. The high-flying molossid Tadarida fulminans is unique amongst known bats, as females lactate over the cool, dry season (Cotterill and Fergusson 1993).

Most bats give birth to a single young per litter (Barclay and Harder 2004), while some Vespertilionidae such as Neoromicia nana, N. rusticus, N. capensis, Scotophilus spp. and Nycticeinops schlieffeni commonly give birth to twins or triplets, and sometimes even quadruplets in the case of Neoromicia capensis (see species accounts for details). Species with widespread distributions may have multiple births in equatorial parts of their range in Africa, but only one or two birth periods in more temperate regions; this seems to be the case in Taphozous mauritianus (Happold and Happold 1990a).

Figure 19. Sandstone hills in the western Limpopo Valley provide daylight roosts for many crevice-roosting bats, such as Sauromys petrophilus (© F. P. D. Cotterill). BAT BIOLOGY 29 30 BATS OF SOUTHERN AND CENTRAL AFRICA Biogeography B iogeography is the study of the spatial patterns in the distribution of biodiversity and the causes of those patterns, especially differences in species’ distributions. At this level, species distribution patterns are explained through a combination of historical factors that have governed events of dispersal, speciation and extinction.

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