Bau[t]en für die Künste by Dr. Joachim Rössl (auth.)

By Dr. Joachim Rössl (auth.)

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Eskimo Architecture: Dwelling and Structure in the Early Historic Period

The structure of Eskimo peoples represents a diverse and winning technique of dealing with some of the most serious climates humankind can inhabit. the preferred snapshot of the igloo is yet one of many many constructions tested via specialists Lee and Reinhardt within the first book-length and arctic-wide learn of this amazing topic.

The Discipline of Architecture

Structure A polemical examine how architectural wisdom is produced, disseminated, and obtained. within the immense literature on architectural idea and perform, the ways that architectural wisdom is de facto taught, debated, and understood are too frequently overlooked. The essays accumulated during this groundbreaking quantity tackle the present country of structure as an instructional self-discipline.

Sanctuaries and the Sacred in the Ancient Greek World

This e-book explores the diversity of old Greek sanctuaries--their settings, areas, shapes, and structures--and the rituals linked to them, similar to gala's and processions, sacrifice and libation, eating and consuming, prayer and supplying, dance, initiation, session, and purification. next chapters hint the results of the Roman conquest, the triumph of Christianity, in addition to the effect of Turks, tourists, archaeologists, and travelers on those websites.

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The subject matter of all these illustrations focus on how comic books tend to exaggerate simple objects to make them seem more exciting. Comikaze's bags are mylar comic book bags that can be used after purchasing a comic book for storage. The collectible illustration inside each bag acts to protect comic books from bending to keep them in pristine condition. Comikaze漫画书店的识别设计 方案设计源自设计师艾丽莎•里格 尔对漫画图书的参考。方案中插画 的设计风格同样受到了漫画书中插 图设计的影响,全部采用半色调进 行设计。一部优秀的漫画书往往能 够将简单、平淡的事物渲染出令人 兴奋、惊奇的效果,这同样也是 Comikaze漫画书店视觉形象设计方 案中所有插画设计的主题所在。另 外,设计师艾丽莎•里格尔还为该 书店精心设计了一款书袋,该书袋 以聚酯薄膜为原料,便于书籍的存 放。每个书袋中的可回收插图可以 有效地保护书籍避免弯折,以确保 书籍的原始状态。 056 057 Akademika Akademika连锁书店视觉形象设计方案 Title: Akademika Design Agency: Mission Design AS Production Date: 2005 Creative Director: Gary Swindell Designer: Hege Homstvedt / Karl Martin Sætren Nationality: Norway 标题:Akademika连锁书店视觉形象设计方案 设计机构:目标设计工作室 完成时间:2005年 创意总监:加里•斯文德尔 设计师:海格•霍姆斯特威德特,卡尔•马丁•塞特莱 国家:挪威 Akademika is a chain of bookstores targeted towards college and university students.

Gerdan is a beaded necklace in a form of a narrow strip made of coloured beads that are strung on a beading thread or hair base. ” 090 091 Title: Op-Pop. ua设计商店 摄影师:阿列克谢•珀斯尼科夫 国家:俄罗斯 Op-Pop. Opstcards and Opsters Shop Identity “Op-Pop”—卡片和海报商店视觉识别设计方案 092 The Op-Pop project was created as a final year project at "Visual communications" “Op-Pop”项目是设计师奥莱格•珀斯尼科夫为深造艺术指导级别而 course for art-directors at British High School of Design and Arts during almost 4 months. 在英国高等设计与艺术学院学习为期四个月的“视觉传达”课程的毕业 The task was to create identity for the small business brand.

WannaBe”(一家服饰店)而设计,方案中涉及对标识、包装、名片、 Costume Store Branding 宣传手册、信纸以及信封的设计。该项目的设计理念是以名为“极乐鸟” 服装店品牌形象设计方案 来。 066 的鲜花为设计基础,完美地将识别系统的价值观、孤傲的拟人姿态展现出 Title: Costume Store Branding 标题:服装店品牌形象设计方案 Design Agency: Shenkar - College of Engineering & Design 设计机构:申卡尔工程与设计学院 Production Date: 2009 完成时间:2009年 Creative Director: Yonatan Solomon 创意总监:约拿单•所罗门 Designer: Yonatan Solomon 设计师:约拿单•所罗门 Photographer: David Solomon 摄影师:大卫•所罗门 Nationality: Israel 国家:以色列 067 The Luck Store Identity 幸运商店视觉形象设计方案 Title: The Luck Store Identity Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Hannah Hinds Designer: Hannah Hinds Client: 826 National Photographer: Hannah Hinds Nationality: USA 标题:幸运商店视觉形象设计方案 完成时间:2010年 创意总监:汉娜•海因兹 设计师:汉娜•海因兹 客户:“826 National”商店 摄影师:汉娜•海因兹 国家:美国 A response for an assignment to envision a concept for an 826 National store in Baltimore, the identity is based on a logo-type relationship with a system of symbols paired with a consistent type treatment and a slightly sinister sensibility.

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