Beginning Oracle Database 12c Administration: From Novice to by Ignatius Fernandez

By Ignatius Fernandez

Beginning Oracle Database 12c Administration is your access aspect right into a winning and gratifying profession as an Oracle Database Administrator.

The chapters of this ebook are logically geared up into 4 elements heavily monitoring the way in which your database management profession will evidently evolve. half 1 "Database innovations" supplies worthwhile history in relational database concept and Oracle Database strategies, half 2 "Database Implementation" teaches the best way to enforce an Oracle database adequately, half three "Database help" exposes you to the day-by-day regimen of a database administrator, and half four "Database Tuning" introduces the high quality artwork of functionality tuning.

Beginning Oracle Database 12c Administration presents details that you just will not locate in different books on Oracle Database. you will find not just technical info, but in addition assistance on paintings practices which are as very important in your good fortune as are your technical abilities. The author's favourite bankruptcy is "The significant photograph and the 10 Deliverables." (It is the editor’s favourite bankruptcy too!) in the event you take the teachings in that bankruptcy to middle, you could quick develop into a far better Oracle database administrator than you ever proposal possible.

You will seize the major points of thought at the back of relational database administration platforms and find out how to:

• set up and configure an Oracle database, and confirm that it’s effectively licensed;

• Execute universal administration initiatives in a Linux environment;

• shield opposed to facts loss through imposing sound backup and restoration practices; and

• enhance database and question performance.

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Next, let’s consider the INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE statements. The INSERT Statement The INSERT statement is the way in which data enters the relational database. In Listing 2-5, a new record is being added to the employees table. However, if you were to try this command using SQL Developer, it would fail because the employee_id column is the primary-key column and the value 100 is already in use. Also, values in the email column are required to be unique, and the value “SKING” is already in use.

Edgar Codd wanted the database management system to treat views in the same manner as base tables whenever possible, but the problem of view updateability is unsolved to the present 22 Chapter 1 ■ Relational Database Management Systems day. Codd listed more than 300 separate requirements that a database management system must meet in order to fulfill his vision properly, and I have time for just one of them: physical data independence. Here is the relevant quote from Codd’s book: RP-1 Physical Data Independence: The DBMS permits a suitably authorized user to make changes in storage representation, in access method, or in both—for example, for performance reasons.

Here’s what you need. The upper function produces the uppercase version of a character string, and the avg function produces the average of values in a group: SELECT upper(department_name), AVG(salary) The WHERE_clause portion of the statement is a list of tables that must be joined. You need the departments table and the employees table. You give each table a short alias that will come in handy in other clauses: FROM departments d, employees e The optional GROUP_BY_clause portion of the statement tells Oracle Database that you apply aggregate functions such as avg to groups of records.

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