Bible answers to man's questions on demons by Kenneth E. Hagin

By Kenneth E. Hagin

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He immediately assented (for more on the prince, see the Prince of Wales’s Cocktail, in Chapter 7). Since the crowd was watching the front—royalty doesn’t use the back door—things went off without a hitch. The trio stalked briskly down Twenty-third Street toward Sixth Avenue, a street of saloons, gambling-houses, minstrel theaters, dance halls, and oyster houses. Real New York. ” No, the prince had not. Yes, he would. ” End of anecdote. Now, if there were ever two people who should have met, they were the Prince of Wales and Jerry Thomas; they had much in common, from a deep curiosity into the composition of drinks to an interest in the operation of the rules of probability to an unshakable personal dignity leavened with humor.

That usually comprised a shot of spirits and a good portion of sour mix or daiquiri mix and a shake. The artificial foaming agent in the mix made the drink look great; as for flavor, those who wanted it drank straight spirits. Bloody Marys were one of the few drinks we made from scratch, and not many knew how to prepare a decent Bloody Mary mix with the right balance between the hot pepper and the sweet tomato juice. Thomas talked about sugar syrups and how to make and then use them with fresh citrus juices.

A bowl of Punch is a wonderful, even sublime thing, but it was already obsolete as a bar drink by the time his book was published, and the vast majority of the recipes were old English ones foisted on him by his publisher. Rather than swell the book by the hundred-odd pages it would take to explain them, I’ve reserved them for another book. I’ve also cut back drastically on egg drinks and the things that are made by carefully layering liqueurs in tiny glasses. On the other hand, I’ve used the space thus cleared to supplement the Professor’s recipes with a goodly number of others from his contemporaries and immediate successors—popular, even important drinks that, I like to think, he would have included had he lived to do another edition of his book.

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