Book About Stars and Planets by Yefrem Levitan

By Yefrem Levitan

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I agreed, of course. 42 I got into a little plane which the Magician had given to me as a present and flew to the Sun. In an hour, I saw that the Sun was nearby. I'm an excellent pilot and I flew the plane very well and did not miss the little Sun, but landed easily on one of the Sun's airports. 1 I The local inhabitants, who are known as sunflowers, came to welcome me. The Sun orchestra played a ceremonial march. You should've seen those musicians, they were all very thin and bright. It turned out that the musicians were rays.

Yes," the children answered. "It's the Milky Way," said Father. " asked Alex. "Because it's the colour of milk. " "I said there were millions of stars," Alex jumped up and down. " Alex asked his Father. "If you look at the stars very carefully, you can see many pictures in the sky," said Father. " "I don't understand, " Sveta shrugged her shoulders. "How can stars make pictures? " asked Father. "You put the pieces together and so get a picture," said Sveta. "Well, the pictures in the sky are made up of stars," said Father.

F t i 1 eyes grew used to the darkness, he saw the Big Dipper. " said Father. " Alex was upset. " "Let's check," said Father. "Listen to my orders. Close your eyes and tum around. Now open your eyes. " "Very good," said Father. " Alex turned his head in different directions and found the Big Dipper, he showed it to Father and Sveta.. When Alex and Sveta had remembered how the Big Dipper looked, Father said, "There are many weakly twinkling stars in the part of the sky where the Big Dipper is found as well as the seven bright stars which form it.

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