Britain's Place in the World: Import Controls 1945-60 by George Brennan, Alan Milward

By George Brennan, Alan Milward

Britain's position within the World examines the institution and effectiveness of import controls, rather quotas. putting quotas again within the centre of British heritage, Milward and Brennan make a few radical claims for Britain's financial functionality in an international context.
taking a look right into a big variety of industries from motorized vehicles to typewriters, uncooked chemical compounds to nutrition produce, they research the meant and real obstruction to imported items represented through quotas, and the political and fiscal ramifications past the statistics.
This is the fourth publication to be released within the Routledge Explorations in monetary History sequence.

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The North American Free Trade Area is, in spite of reassurances to Congress, a change of practice for a country in which Congress has always kept the tariff in its hands, relinquishing its detailed parliamentary supervision of variations in customs duty to the President and the Executive’s trade negotiators for only limited periods of time and only under stringent conditions imposed beforehand on the possible outcome of any negotiations. The constitutional importance of customs dues was greater in the nineteenth century because the revenue from them made up so large a part of total state revenue.

It concerns the longrun relationship of the modern developed economy and state to the huge growth in value and volume of international trade on which its inhabitants have come to depend for their wellbeing. How should that trade be regulated in the states own interest? Consult any large library on the subject of the commercial policy of twentieth-century states. Over 90 per cent of the information deals with tariffs. Yet in most of the highly-industrialised countries in the twentieth century tariffs have become increasingly unimportant both as an instrument of commercial policy and as a source of government revenue.

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