Buddhist Studies in Honour of I.B. Horner by L. Cousins, A. Kunst, K.R. Norman

By L. Cousins, A. Kunst, K.R. Norman

Buddhist reviews in Honour of I.B. Horner

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104-5: "servi"; p. L. Woodward, S IV TrsL, London 1956, p. 73: "menials". O. Franke, Dfghanikaya ... in Auswahl ubersetzt, Gottingen-Leipzig, 1913, p. )", and v. 6 (referring to Chalmers, JRAS 1894, p. 343 'naught but man of substance'): ''wortlich 'reich' wie Skr. ibhya. Hindeutung auf das Sakya-Geschlecht ... ". L. Renou, Canon bouddhique pali, Paris 1949, p. 8Hf (transl. ofAmbauha-sutta): "enrichis". 5 In 'Combined Methods in Indology',I/J 6 (1963) 183-4. 6 In 'Middle Indo-Aryan Studies VI', Journal of the Oriental Institute Baroda 16 (1966) 113-9: 1.

66 Vrtti I 98b 3 on Siiy 1,3,4,13. See also my note on Sily 2,1,18. 67 A~-aglira mo tti egl} pavayama1Jii, Ayar 1,1,2,2. :arttante na ca grhastha-caryam manag apy atilanghayanti (Vrtti I 33a 11 on the above Ayar passage). l kathayeyuh (dham. ma-kahii is spoj(:en oo? -Avacilri 60a 4 onPi1:ujaN 314. z(Vrtti I 241a 5 foIl. on Ayliranga 1,7,1,3). las see H. v. Glasenapp, Der Jainismus, Berlin 1925, p. 341. 71 Jain Hybrid Sanskrit for Sa. gairika becavse of Priikrit geruya. The oldest occurrence of these parivra;akas I found is in the Cunni 317,14 on Siiy 2,1,16.

21 SeeDfghanikiiya I 9,4 which seems to be tlie Buddha's standpoint as against popular belief in body signs and dreams. The Jain attitude is similar: Suy 2,2,25 foll. , belongs to the Agamas of all sects but the Sthiinakvasis. B. BOLLEE 22 smhtka speaks of a Smti (I 223b 4). " Te prasthitiis tena pratisiddhii~. "Subhik~am idiinim bhiJv~yati. ): . . 24 With the . g. in, Daiakumiiracarita, Bomcay 1940, p. , Story No. N. Kher, 'The twelve-year famine during Candragupta's reign. The Jain tradition reviewed' in VisvMvaranand Indological Journal, vol.

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