Caribbean Migration by Elizabeth Thomas-Hope

By Elizabeth Thomas-Hope

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In particular, these are some of the variations which have had a considerable bearing upon the differing nature of the migration fields of the respective countries. The question which remains concerns the effect of location and size on the migration process itself, and especially as it is influenced by and relates to the nature, volume and diffusion of information. Economic performance The underlying long-term formal economic goal? of Caribbean countries are to increase their levels of development.

There are wider historical-structural factors which must be taken into account which the societal systems approach alone does not include. An image-led approach to migration The strengths of each theoretical approach are enhanced when ideas from the other perspectives are integrated into a single, multidimensional theoretical framework. While each theoretical framework contributes to explanation of part of the migration process, none in isolation makes provision for conceptualizing the total environment of migration at all levels of scale and all relevant components of the system.

The decision-maker lies at the interface of these two planes. The image which conditions migration behaviour involves both real and imagined worlds, phenomena which are experienced as well as those not experienced but nevertheless believed. Location in the total matrix of place, time and society determines the amount, type and meaning of the influences which emanate from the environment in different ways at the global, national and local levels of scale. The perceived environment and migration behaviour The distinction between the perceived world and the 'real world' is not necessarily significant; for if the image were 'unreal', or an untrue abstraction of reality, it could not survive.

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