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Clearly Q remains the same if the structure is used either in the standing-wave mode or the travelling-wave mode. It is also common to use the stored energy per unit length of the structure ws = dWs/dz. Then Q=− ω ws dP / dz Another quantity of interest is the ratio r/Q: r E2 = z Q ω ws quantity which only depends on the cavity geometry at a given frequency, and which can be measured directly by a perturbation method. The other quantities depend on other factors like the wall material, the quality of brazing etc.

Y. A. Loew, Elementary Principles of Linear Accelerators, SLAC PUB 3221. Y. M. A. Teplyakov, Linear Ion Accelerator With Spatially Homogeneous Strong Focusing, Pribory i. H. R. E. A. Swenson, RF Quadrupole Beam Dynamics, IEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. E. Collin, Foundations for Microwave Engineering, International-Student Edition, McGrawHill, INC.

Fig. 2 Wideroe-type accelerator 82 An oscillator (7 MHz at that time) feeds alternately a series of drift tubes in such a way that particles see no field when travelling inside these tubes while they are accelerated in between. c. field. This scheme does not allow continuous acceleration of beams of particles. 1 . 2 Improved methods for non-relativistic particles Consider a proton of 1 MeV kinetic energy entering the previous structure. 6 10-2, will travel a distance of roughly 1 meter in half a cycle.

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