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Welcome to the official website of SEAMOLEC where you can get information as well as the latest news of our program and upcoming activities.
The goal of SEAMOLEC is to undertake relevant programs that are responsive to current national and regional needs through the utilization of open and distance learning system. In order to reach its vision and mission, and also to continually provide good services to the region, SEAMOLEC is very keen on establishing a stronger networking system through partnerships and synergizing with other related parties. Only with good network and partnership we treasure to grow bigger in the future.
I also would like to use this platform to acknowledge with gratitude, the dedication and sustained efforts of all those people who played an integral part in the growth and development of this centre over the past years.
Wishing you a remarkable browsing experience in this website. Please feel free to ask questions or give input for the betterment of this website via email to
Dr. Abi Sujak, M.Sc

Board of Directors

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Dr. Abi Sujak, M.Sc


Drs. Yoni Utomo, M.Ed

Deputy Director for Administration

Ith Vuthy, M.Sc.,M.A

Deputy Director for Programme




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