Charged Particle Cross-Section Database for Med Radioisotope

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Phys. A166 (1971) 231–240. , Intermediate-state transition rates in the exciton model, Nucl. Phys. A226 (1974) 347–364. , New version of the advanced computer code ALICE-IPPE, Rep. INDC(CCP)-410, IAEA, Vienna (1998). , The SPEC Code, Commun. Nucl. Data Prog. 10 (1993) 53. , New precompound decay model, Phys. Rev. C 54 (1996) 1341–1349. , UCRL-JC-109052 (1991) (unpublished). , A computer code based on Hauser-Feshbach and Moldauer theory for nuclear cross section calculations, Rep. INDC(PAK)-011, IAEA, Vienna (1995).

For references to the experimental data. 44 Fig. 7. 127I(p,3n)125Xe reaction, an example of a good fit. ALICE-IPPE calculation from Obninsk is shown as a fit to selected data. 11. for references to the experimental data. In this section we discussed the general features of the modeled cross-sections and the quality of fit to the data. We described calculations by four different groups using mostly global parameters. We identified several deficiencies in reaction formalisms used in the calculations.

Gul (Islamabad, Pakistan) were involved in modeling cross-sections for this CRP. 23] for deuteron, 3He and alpha induced reactions. The ALICE family of codes are based on the hybrid, the geometry-dependent hybrid (GDH) or the HMS preequilibrium models and the Weisskopf-Ewing evaporation formalism. 1]. The ALICE-HMS code uses a Monte Carlo precompound formulation with WeisskopfEwing evaporation. g. isomer yield calculations). e. when many natural isotopes are involved and many particles are emitted in the reaction process, and have generally been found to be adequate when cross-sections for isomeric states are not needed.

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