Chi Kung for Prostate Health and Sexual Vigor: A Handbook of by Mantak Chia

By Mantak Chia

A consultant to restoring men’s sexual health and wellbeing and serve as to take care of a flourishing intercourse lifestyles good into previous age

• contains absolutely illustrated directions for workouts to transparent lively blockages of the male copy organs, fix functionality, lessen prostate growth, and forestall prostate gland melanoma

• provides a regimen of workouts to be practiced day-by-day in addition to counsel on aiding your perform with dietary and natural supplementations

• Explains how those innovations can ward off the necessity for surgical procedure in early phases of prostate disorder

Age needn't be a dying sentence for men’s sexual healthiness and power. Taoist grasp Mantak Chia and William U. Wei clarify the way to use the full of life and actual perform of Chi Kung not to in simple terms preserve a flourishing intercourse existence good into outdated age but additionally decrease prostate growth and forestall prostate gland melanoma.

With totally illustrated step by step directions, the authors offer routines and methods to open the vigorous pathways attached to the male reproductive organs and transparent the power blockages that bring about sexual disorder and disease. They clarify how you can practice sexual strength and prostate gland massages and aspect stretching workouts and the perform of chi weight lifting--attaching weights to the penis and scrotum to augment sexual power. They clarify that whereas those ideas are essentially preventive, they could additionally act to regenerate and restoration functionality, forestalling the necessity for surgical procedure in early levels of prostate sickness. The authors current a regimen of workouts to be practiced day-by-day in addition to information on assisting your perform with dietary and natural supplementations.

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The Tao regards loving energy and sexual energy as the two strongest energies in the body. Fire energy is also associated with excitement and exhilaration. It is the fire energy in the heart that opens the sexual center. This is why falling in love leads to sexual desire. Many of the Taoist meditations focus on balancing the heart and sexual center. Even the higher-level Taoist meditations called Kan and Li (Fire and Water) work on unifying these two energies and steaming their potent force through all the energy meridians.

So each organ has specific characteristics energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In the human body, the goal of the Taoist practice is to keep the five elements in harmony. When the five elements are in harmony, the body, mind, and spirit are in balance. The health of the internal organs greatly affects our sexual energy. Sexual energy is the essence of the internal organs. The body draws the finest energy, especially from the organs, to produce sperm or eggs. When the sexual energy is out of balance, it is reflected in the internal organs, and when one or more organs are out of balance, the sexual energy will definitely be affected.

Spleen and the Earth Element The spleen is associated with the earth element and the virtues of balance and openness. The negative emotions associated with the spleen are worry and anxiety. When the earth element is out of balance, the feelings of the body are disconnected, making it difficult to get in touch with sensation. For example, when the energy of the spleen is congested, it causes the mind to be overactive. The overactivity in the mind is what causes worry and anxiety. When there is excess energy in the head, it is hard to be in touch with the body.

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