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1995). It is also consistent with the lower variability observed in full-scale pressure vessels compared to smaller tubes and impregnated strands (Cohen, 1992). A similar inference could be drawn from the tendency for the magnitude of the size effect to be less in tension than in bending, since the highly stressed volume is typically very small in bending tests. The trend of a decrease in variability and magnitude of the size effect with increasing size has been postulated on theoretical grounds (Harlow and Phoenix, 1978; Batdorf and Ghaffarian, 1984).

A. Griffith, Phil. Trans. R. , 1920, 221a, 163 198. M. R. Gurvich and R. B. Pipes, Composites Science and Technology, 1995, 55, 93 105. D. G. Harlow and S. L. Phoenix, J. Composite Materials, 1978, 12, 314 334. H. L. , Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH, 1977, AFFDL TR 77 11. R. W. Hertzberg, in `Deformation and Fracture Me chanics of Engineering Materials', Wiley, New York, 1976, pp. 235. J. W. Hitchon and D. C. Phillips, Composites, 1978, 9, 119 124. J. W. Hitchon and D. C. Phillips, Fibre Science and Technology, 1979, 12, 217 233.

Johnson et al. (1997b) carried out sublaminate level scaled tension tests on (90/0/90/0)ns carbon fiber/epoxy laminates. The number of blocks of plies, n, was varied from 1 to 4, with specimen widths and lengths scaled in proportion. Little difference was found in ultimate strengths between the different sized tests. Similar tests on scaled (+45/745/0/90)ns laminates actually showed an increase in strength with increasing size, which was attributed to the larger specimens being less susceptible to delamination.

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