Convention, translation, and understanding: philosophical by Robert Feleppa

By Robert Feleppa

This ebook surveys a number of theoretical controversies in anthropology that revolve round reconciling the target description of tradition with the impression of inquirer pursuits and conceptions. It relates them to discussions via fans of W.V. Quine who see the issues of anthropological inquiry as indicative of conceptual difficulties within the simple assumptions operative within the self-discipline, and within the learn of language quite often. Feleppa deals a revised view of the character and serve as of translation in anthropology that provides a believable account of the issues that conventional semantics introduces into anthropology, whereas keeping off the critical methodological import Quine envisions.

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47 Otherwise, Searle's view is quite similar to Grice's. Searle maintains the following two points: (1) Sentence meaning is determined by rules specifying both the conditions and the character of the utterance. (2) To utter a sentence and mean it is (a) to intend to get the hearer to recognize that there exist states of affairs dictated by appropriate rules, (b) to intend to effect such recognition by getting the hearer to recognize this intention, and (c) to intend to effect such recognition in virtue of the hearer's knowledge of the rules appropriate to the sentence.

The individuating criteria of these acts are indicated in sets of rules understood by speaker and hearer and by the given speech community in general. Meanings of sentences are captured in the illocutionary acts they are used to perform (they are, as Wittgenstein argues, instruments) and sentences are synonymous insofar as they are used to perform the same illocutionary acts. ) 43 The identification of illocutionary acts, their correlation with sentences, the equation of the meaning of sets of sentences by determining that they perform the same act, and the equation of parts of those sentences through preservation of the list of acts correlated to the sentences are all features that depend on a broad notion of synonymy in natural language.

The aspects of the earlier theories that Quine attacks are so fundamental thatas I think shall be quite evidentthe more recent theories, for all their greater sophistication on various points, are also susceptible. Theories of meaning may be differentiated according to a variety of criteria. 9 Here I shall distinguish entificational from non-entificational theories. Entificational theories take the meanings of expressions to be some sort of individuatable entity grasped by the competent user of those expressions.

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