COPD For Dummies (For Dummies (Health & Fitness)) by Kevin, MD Felner, Meg Schneider

By Kevin, MD Felner, Meg Schneider

Make your house COPD friendlyYour reassuring consultant to realizing and dealing with COPDand getting on along with your lifeWant to understand extra approximately COPD? this simple consultant offers transparent information regarding this innovative illness, explaining the way to realize the indications, get clinically determined, and select the easiest therapy. you will see how vitamin, workout, and drugs impact your signs and make your existence easier.Discover how to:Know your danger factorsFind the appropriate doctorsQuit smoking, begin workout, and alter your dietImprove your total healthPrepare for emergenciesHelp household with COPD

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The cells in the brain stem pay particular attention to the carbon dioxide level in the fluid that encompasses your brain and spinal cord. If too much carbon dioxide is in this fluid, your lungs receive a signal to increase the rate of breathing and to take in deep breaths. When the carbon dioxide level drops to an acceptable level, your breathing rate returns to normal. Chapter 2: How Your Lungs Work Oxygen (O2) Carbon dioxide (CO2) Pulmonary venule Pulmonary arteriole O2 Figure 2-2: The exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide takes place in the air sacs at the bottom of the bronchial tubes.

Many people with COPD rely on family members and friends to take over responsibility for most household chores. Eventually, you may need a personal aide to help you with basic activities like bathing and grooming, or even a home health aide to help you with medications and exercises. Losing it emotionally The progressive nature of COPD and the continually shrinking limits on your activity put a huge burden on your emotional and mental reserves. Depression and anxiety disorders are much more common in COPD patients than in the general population: Whereas less than a third of the general population suffers from these disorders, nearly half of all COPD patients do.

Inflammation is usually a response to an irritant, like cigarette smoke, dust, or pollen. When your airways are irritated, they create more mucus in an effort to rid your lungs of the irritants. But this extra mucus, combined with the narrowing of the airways themselves, can end up blocking your airways. Air then gets trapped in your lungs, and you feel short of breath. In chronic bronchitis, your airways become scarred and the partial blockage is permanent. Extra mucus is produced all the time, which can make you feel congested and prompt continual coughing.

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