Courtyard Housing by Brian Edwards

By Brian Edwards

Courtyard Housing ДИЗАЙН, ДОМ и СЕМЬЯ,НАУКА и УЧЕБА Название: Courtyard Housing: previous, current, destiny Автор: Brian Edwards Издательство: Spon Press Год: 2005 Страниц:248ISBN: 0415262720Формат: pdf Размер: 10 MbCourtyard housing is without doubt one of the oldest kinds of family improvement spanning no less than 2000 years and taking place in targeted shape in lots of areas of the realm. often linked to the center East the place weather and tradition have given form to a selected kind of courtyard housing, different examples exist in Latin the USA, China and in Europe the place the version has been reinterpreted. This publication demonstrates, via discussions on sustainability and local identification, and through a chain of case reports, that she courtyard housing shape has a destiny in addition to a pastСкачать: eighty five

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39 In the reconstruction of the maq’ad, we do not consider the north-facing upper-storey loggia as an independent type because it is incapable of formal autonomy from the Mamluk dar with which it combines to make up a system. 40 The structure has two entrances: they lead to two separate apartments of unequal size which face the same courtyard. If the reading of the plan is correct, this example represents an important stage in the rise of the bourgeois house. 41 As the durqa’a becomes more important to family life the courtyard’s importance decreases.

Galleries built on pilasters required a more complex structure of the ceiling in order to create a passage of 60–120 cm in width. In this case the joists are laid on a continuous beam that goes along the perimeter of the courtyard. The latter usually sits on two overlapping beams supported by the columns and cantilevered towards the centre to reduce the span. The beams are coupled with elements of the same section and assembled in the form of a box. The timber structure is faced with a cedarwood strip with floral motifs—turi—or cufic lettering—qufi—to improve its appearance.

It is constituted of modular rooms called bayt or byt of elongated rectangular form and arranged along the edges of the plot. Secondary The courtyard house: typological variations over space and time 11 rooms like the kitchen, toilet facilities and pantry are in the corners, sometimes served by a corridor. The stair is located in the corner opposite the entrance. In more wealthy dwellings the vertical arrangement is doubled: a stair leads to the quarters of the guests, another to the harem and the terrace.

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