Diccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalog, Part III, O-Z (Dodo by Sofronio G. Calderon

By Sofronio G. Calderon

Sofronio G. Calderón (1878-c1954) was once an writer from the Philippines, who wrote basically in tagalog. He was once President of the literary society Aklatang Kasilawan, Vice-President of the Tagalog organization (Samahan ng mga Mánanagalog), a member of the literary society Aklatang Bayan which integrated famous Tagalog writers Lope ok. Santos and Jose Corazon de Jesus, honorary member of the Aklatang Barusog, and a member of the collage Extension Institute and the Philipphine Academy. His works comprise: relationship Pilipinas (1907), Diccionario Ingles-Español- Tagalog (1915), Tagalog-English Vocabulary and guide of dialog (1947), useful Self-Study of the nationwide Language (with José G. Katindig) (1947), Mga Alamat ng Pilipinas: Philippine Mithology (1947) and Ang Mga Kawikaan sa Larangan ng Pamumuhay (1947).

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Pail, n. [pel] Cubo, balde. Timbâ, baldé, panalok, taóng, pang̃adlô ng̃ tubig. Pailful, n. [pélful] Cubada. Sangtimbâ, isang salok. Pain, n. [pein] Pena, castigo; dolor, tormento. Dusa, parusa; sakít, anták, kirot, hirap. Pain, v. [pein] Doler. Sumakít, umanták, kumirót. Painfull, adj. [pénful] Penoso, dolorido. Masakít, maanták, makirót. Painless, adj. [pénles] Sin pena, sin dolor. Walang sakít, dî máraramdaman. Painstaking, adj. [pénsteking] Laborioso, incansado; cuidadoso. Masipag, walang pagod; maing̃at.

Manaig, mamighatì. Over-reach, v. [over-rích] Sobresalir, engañar. Lumagpas, dumayà. 37 Diccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalog, Part III Over-rule, v. [over-riúl] Predominar. Manaig, mamunò. Oversee, v. [oversí] Inspeccionar. Mang̃alagà, sumiyasat. Overseer, n. [oversír] Superintendente, sobrestante. Tagapamahalà, tagabantay. Overset, v. [oversét] Volcar, trastornar. Itaob; ibwal, guluhin. Overshoe, n. [óversio] Galocha. Sapatos na pang-ibabaw. Overshoot, v. [oversiút] Pasar de raya. Lumisyâ, dî tumamâ.

Outbreak, n. [áutbrik] Erupcion. Silakbó, sigalbó. Outburst, n. [áutbarst] Explosion. Pagputok. Outcast, n. [áutcast] Desechado, desterrado. Tapon. Outcry, n. [áutcray] Clamor, ruido, alboroto, gritería. Aling̃awng̃aw, ing̃ay, kagulo, hiyawan. Outdo, v. [autdú] Exceder á otro, sobrepujar. Lumagpas, lumangpas. Outer, adj. [áuter] Exterior. Labas. Outermost, adj. [áutormost] Extremo, lo mas exterior. Kálabaslabasan. Outfit, n. [áutfit] Vestidos, ropa. Mg̃a kasuntan, damít. 30 Diccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalog, Part III Outgo, v.

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