Dorthena by Sharon R. Barrett

By Sharon R. Barrett

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This can be a sophisticated Readers replica. .. Publicity/MarketingNational tv, radio, and print publicityBook membership fabrics to be had at SimonandSchuster. comSimonandSchuster. com per thirty days publication featureSimonandSchuster. com function • on-line promotions and featuresOn sale June 28, 2011 • 978-1-4391-0272-5$26.

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A female can’t fake anything the male automatically knows from reading the females mind. Females are not that difficult to satisfy in truth, just takes a little time. Myself I like to spend the time, making love for at least forty five minutes to an hour lots of playing first! Seeker smiled at Thena. ” Thena looked at Seeker he was boasting where he should not be boasting, “you do know that there can be nothing emotional between us. ” Thena detected a tinge of anger in Seekers voice and realized this was not going to work out at all.

And I realized also today you didn’t ask for my protection I just sort of walked in and offered it. ” Seeker frowned then looked at her, “the choice is yours you can either stay or you can leave. ” Seeker really did not think she would leave. ” Thena walked to the door opened it up, and went to walk out when a shot rang out and Thena went down. Seeker hit the floor and worked his way behind the door grabbed Thena’s hand and dragged her from the door way shutting the door at the same time. ” Thena didn’t answer his question he looked at her body and she was bleeding from her left shoulder.

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