Dzogchen Teachings: Oral Commentary on the Longsal Terma The by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

By Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

"I got this educating in a dream from my grasp Changchub Dorje, however the instructing isn't really his, it's from Guru Padmasambhava, and explains in a very easy means how we will input into the information of Ati. One evening I dreamed i used to be within the position the place my grasp Changchub Dorje lived and within the dream I acknowledged to him, "In japanese Tibet there's a significant revolution, not anyone can lead a standard lifestyles anymore, and now a majority of these turmoils are breaking out in significant Tibet too, so whether we wish to preparation we won't, and if we wish to examine the lessons and training Dharma we do not get a lot probability: what do we do in any such situation?" My grasp answered, "I gave you a vital instructing, condensed, splendid for this type of scenario; it's known as Ati Gojed; ati ability primordial kingdom, wisdom, pass ability gate, jed ability to open, and so it potential the right way to open the gate of information. With this educating you cannot simply obtain the information yet you could follow it." With instrcutions of Longsal secrets and techniques, Guruyoga and masses extra! at no cost as a present from Yuchen and Khyentse.

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This is the way to go to the essence in order to receive the e1npowerment by using a few words only. We have two mantras of Guru Padn1asa1nbhava: during wax­ ing moon we use the one connected to long-life practice, after the full moon and for the period of the waning moon we use the second. Both are sung, for example seven or ten times. Then we pronounce OM A HUM, the three Vajras, and we imagine that 40 Guru Padn1asambhava dissolves into light and that his three syl­ lables dissolve into ourselves.

For this we do not need many books and complicated methods of practice, the es­ sential thing is to learn just a few words. The most important is the letter A, by which we enter into the state of Guruyoga. Then you need to learn the letters OM A HOM, which represent the three states ofSamantabhadra, of Garab Dorj e, of Padmasam­ bhava and of all the realised beings, and which also represent the true nature of the three Vajras. Then you remember that we are in satnsara: even if we have this knowledge, in order to free our­ selves from theSix Lokas-the six dimensions of samsara - we need to- find ourselves in the six dimensions ofSamantabhadra 'AA HASHA SA h MA.

In fact the two old monks had taught them but the young 1nonks only knew these and nothing else and they did not really understand the significance. Later they invited monks :fron1 other monasteries and gradually they managed to learn other Pujas. But when I an·ived I felt really sad, because the young monks were full of good intentions and really wanted to learn something but there was no-one able to teach them. I stayed just about twenty days and I could not teach them much. This is the exan1ple of one monastery to which I am linked but for the others it is just the same: from what you can see this kind of teaching is mere fmm.

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