Element-Specific Chromatographic Detection by Atomic by Peter C. Uden

By Peter C. Uden

content material: Atomic spectral chromatographic detection : an summary / Peter C. Uden --
Atomic emission spectrometry with helium plasmas for liquid and supercritical-fluid chromatography / Gregory okay. Webster and Jon W. Carnahan --
Quantitative features of fuel chromatography with microwave-induced plasma detection / Weile Yu, Yieru Huang, and Qingyu Ou --
Characterization of interferences affecting selectivity in fuel chromatography-atomic emission spectrometry / James J. Sullivan and Bruce D. Quimby --
Microwave-induced plasma-atomic emission detection for organometallic gasoline and supercritical-fluid chromatography : pattern dealing with and software comparisons / Thomas M. Dowling, Jeffrey A. Seeley, Helmut Feuerbacher, and Peter C. Uden --
Optical-system advancements for plasma emission detection in high-resolution gasoline chromatography / Karl Cammann, Michael Faust, and Karl Hübner --
Atomic emission detectors for gasoline chromatography : twelve years of commercial event / John S. Marhevka, Donald F. Hagen, and Joel W. Miller --
Analytical challenge fixing with simultaneous atomic emission-mass spectrometric detection for fuel chromatography / D.B. Hooker and J. DeZwaan --
An element-specific detector for gasoline chromatography according to a unique capacitively coupled plasma / B. Platzer, R. Gross, E. Leitner, A. Schalk, H. Sinabell, H. Zach, and G. Knapp --
Alternating-current plasma detection for gasoline chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography / E.F. Barry, L.A. Colon, and R.B. Costanzo --
Helium surface-wave plasmas as atomic emission detectors in fuel chromatography / S. Coulombe, K.C. Tran, and J. Hubert --
Helium discharge detector for gasoline chromatography / Gary W. Rice --
Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry and packed-microcolumn supercritical-fluid chromatography / Kiyokatsu Jinno, Hiroyuki Yoshida, Hideo Mae, and Chuzo Fujimoto --
Helium high-efficiency microwave-induced plasma as an element-selective detector for packed-column supercritical-fluid chromatography / Gary L. lengthy, Curtis B. Motley, and Larry D. Perkins --
hint selenium speciation through high-performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet and direct-current plasma emission detection / William L. Childress, Donald Erickson, and Ira S. Krull --
Analytical application of an inductively coupled plasma-ion chromatographic process for the speciation and detection of transition metals / Daniel J. Gerth and Peter N. Keliher --
Chromatographic detection by means of plasma mass spectrometry / Lisa ok. Olson, Douglas T. Heitkemper, and Joseph A. Caruso --
Element-specific detection of metallodrugs and their metabolites : high-performance liquid chromatography-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry / R.C. Elder, W.B. Jones, and Katherine Tepperman --
A fiber-optic spectrochemical-emission sensor as a detector for unstable chlorinated compounds / K.B. Olsen, J.W. Griffin, B.S. Matson, T.C. Kiefer, and C.J. Flynn.

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An overview of the mating of the nonmetal detection capabilities of helium plasmas with liquid and supercritical fluid chromatography is presented. Important considerations discussed include solvent­ -plasma interactions, interface design, and spectral behavior. With the evolution of laboratory technology and increasing demands upon the analyst, both the potential and the desire to analyze increasingly complex organic samples have increased. Generally, nonvolatile components of these samples must be separated by chromatographic techniques to ensure unambiguous detection and determination.

D. Dissertation, Northern Illinois University, 1987. 37. D. Dissertation, Northern Illinois University, 1990. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1992. O. Box 97, Lanzhou 730000, People's Republic of China A survey of previous and original data on quantitative elemental responses and empirical formula determination is presented for GC with atmospheric pressure MIP detection. The accuracy of ratios and empirical formulae obtained is found to depend on the closeness of molecular structure and elemental composition of the reference compounds chosen in the determination of unknowns.

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