Energy: Money, Materials and Engineering

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Eskimo Architecture: Dwelling and Structure in the Early Historic Period

The structure of Eskimo peoples represents a various and profitable technique of dealing with essentially the most serious climates humankind can inhabit. the preferred photo of the igloo is yet one of many many buildings tested by means of specialists Lee and Reinhardt within the first book-length and arctic-wide research of this awesome topic.

The Discipline of Architecture

Structure A polemical examine how architectural wisdom is produced, disseminated, and bought. within the large literature on architectural idea and perform, the ways that architectural wisdom is de facto taught, debated, and understood are too frequently missed. The essays amassed during this groundbreaking quantity handle the present kingdom of structure as an instructional self-discipline.

Sanctuaries and the Sacred in the Ancient Greek World

This publication explores the range of historic Greek sanctuaries--their settings, areas, shapes, and structures--and the rituals linked to them, similar to fairs and processions, sacrifice and libation, eating and consuming, prayer and providing, dance, initiation, session, and purification. next chapters hint the implications of the Roman conquest, the triumph of Christianity, in addition to the influence of Turks, tourists, archaeologists, and travelers on those websites.

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Therefore, the Rheinische Braunkohlenwerke AG (Rheinbraun) follows up a concept of developing two gasification processes in different steps regarding time and extent, viz. the production of synthesis gas and substitute natural gas (SNG). Due to its high reactivity and fine grain structure Rhenish brown coal is well suited for the application of the fluidized-bed technique, which has been chosen for both processes under development. Both processes are sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology.

OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS No discussion of the environmental impacts of future energy sources would be complete without mentioning acid precipitation and the C O 2 Greenhouse Effect. Although considerable research will be needed before the causes and impacts of these two phenomena are fully understood, they will have to be considered in formulating future energy and environmental policies. E. SYMPOSIUM SERIES NO. 78 Acid Precipitation Acid precipitation is a regional environmental issue which has attracted much attention in Europe and North America.

The longest time of continuous operation amounted to 31 days. E. SYMPOSIUM SERIES NO. e. the space-time-yield. Figure 10, for example, shows test results obtained until now corresponding well with the model assessment. These results served as a basis for the design of the next process stage, a larger pilot plant of 10 tonnes throughput per hour. Beyond these tests, recently the influence of additional parameters has been investigated, such as - grain size of the feed coal - moisture content of the feed coal - coal feeding level.

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