Engineering Science 2 Checkbook by J.O. Bird and A.J.C. May (Auth.)

By J.O. Bird and A.J.C. May (Auth.)

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If the length of the conductor in the field is 200 mm calculate the force acting on the conductor. What is the force when the conductor and field are at an angle of 45°? c. 20 N is to be exerted on the conductor. 0 A] 7 A conductor 30 cm long is situated at right-angles to a magnetic field. 6 N. 80 T] 8 A conductor 300 mm long carries a current of 13 A and is at right-angles to a magnetic field between two circular pole faces, each of diameter 80 mm. 75 mWb calculate the force exerted on the conductor.

See Problems 4 and 5). ) may be used in the observation of waveforms and for the measurement of voltage, current, frequency, phase and periodic time. e. in the X direction) by a sawtooth generator acting as a timebase. The signal to be examined is applied to the vertical deflection system (Y direction) usually after amplification. Oscilloscopes normally have a transparent grid of 10 mm by 10 mm squares in front of the screen, called a graticule. Among the timebase controls is a 'variable' switch which gives the sweep speed as time per centimetre.

The deflection of the galvanometer is in the: (a) same direction as previous with the magnitude of the deflection doubled; (b) opposite direction as previous with the magnitude of the deflection halved; (c) same direction as previous with the magnitude of the deflection halved; (d) opposite direction as previous with the magnitude of the deflection doubled. f. is: (a) 1 V; (b) 4 V; (c) 100 V; (d) 400 V. 39 4 A current of 10 A in a coil of 1000 turns produces a flux of 10 mWb linking with the coil.

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