English Online: Looking to Space, Intermediate 3 by Debbie Lahav; Elana Spector-Cohen; Lisa Amdur

By Debbie Lahav; Elana Spector-Cohen; Lisa Amdur

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Szeged 46 (1983), to appear. B. Aupetit and A. , to appear. , H. Cartan, Sur les zeros des combinaisons lineaires de p fonctions holomorphes donn~es, Mathematica (Cluj) 7 (1933), 5-29. Also in "Oeuvres", vol. 1. R. B. Holmes, Geometric Functional Analysis and its Applications, SpringerVerlag, 1975. 7. a. 9. ~ 10. King-Lai Hiong, Extension d'un th~or;me de M. R. Nevan1inna, GauthierVillars, 1957. 11. S. Krantz, Function Theory of Several Complex Variables, Wiley, 1982. 12. T. Nishino, Sur 1es ensembles pseudoconvexes, J.

Such that Then L u(\) = Re b(\) is analytic multi- t. 7, L(\)A is a fixed compact set E, so K(\)A = {h(\)} + E. valued on OJ. A. Zraibi and I obtained in [7] the following generalization of the Picard theorem for analytic multivalued functions: E, then either K(A)A is a K(\)A theorem and is rather complicated. that if K is analytic multivalued on is constant or the complement of the union of the sets Go-set having zero capacity. metric proof. if The original proof uses the Frostman I now intend to give an easy and more geo- As explained in the introduction, Z.

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