Enter the Zombie (All Flesh Must be Eaten RPG) by Various

By Various

The 1st sourcebook to All Flesh needs to be Eaten opens entire new vistas for a strolling lifeless crusade. This tome brings jointly the thrills of Hong Kong motion motion pictures and the buzz of flesh-craving horror. The fit of those genres won't have appear noticeable before everything, however the pleasures that come up from it are indisputable. in any case, zombies and Hong Kong sort motion make an ideal healthy. What greater fit is there for a constant sequence of lightning kicks and a typhoon of bullets than a goal that cannot die? The pulse-pounding possibility simply by no means stops. along with, what martial arts grasp worthy his salt does not soreness for the facility to take advantage of his personal intestines as a perilous whip? For the undead, no challenge!

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Balance of the Cat Essence Cost: 1 per Turn Although most martial artists have amazing dexterity, those with this technique have developed their ability to such an extent that by focusing their will and chi they can do seemingly impossible things. While this Technique is active, the character can walk on ropes or rails, climb ropes, balance on the top of poles, and immediately recover from being thrown without having to make any action. Furthermore, he can move about at full speed while performing these feats of balance.

Defensive Essence Then again, all that pre-strike posturing and maneuvering may also hide an Essence conflict. Those with Essence Channeling can throw off their Essence to disrupt patterns and concentration. For each point of Essence expended in this way, 1 point of an opponent’s gathered Essence is neutralized. So, a martial artist with Essence Channeling may use his gathered Essence each Turn to disrupt an opponent’s gathered Essence and hopefully avoid the effects of whatever Chi Technique the opponent has in store for him.

72 ounces heals 8 Dead points, and so on. Zombies with the Who Needs Food? Aspect (Power 8) recuperate 1 Dead Point per minute, as long as they can access their source of reanimatory energy. Otherwise, they regain nothing. , Regeneration, AFMBE, p. 159), zombies may be restored in other ways. All zombies regain Essence Points as other characters do (see AFMBE, p 114). As they have no Endurance Points, recovery of those points is irrelevant. The Power level of an Aspect equals its cost in character points.

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