Environmental factors affecting office worker performance : by Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers

By Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers

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There are advantages to using subjective assessments but the relationship to actual productivity requires testing. Case studies provide a valuable insight into productivity but organisational change tends to accompany physical improvements, thus confounding the results. 4 Individual and organisational factors Performance is considered to be a function of motivation and the ability to do the task. At the turn of the century, ‘scientific management’ assumed that people were motivated only by money and ensured that workers had the ability to do the job by breaking it down into simple repetitive tasks.

Creating the Productive Workplace (Tunbridge Wells: Abacus Communications) (1997) 17 18 19 Sundstrom E Work environments: offices and factories Handbook of environmental psychology Vol. 1 Eds Stokols D and Altman I Chapter 19 (New York: John Wiley) ~ ~ 7 3 3 - 7 8(1987) 2 Whitley T D R The effect of the indoor environment on productivity: literature review Report 3156, Project R2270 (Capenhurst: EA Technology) (1994) Wyon D P Healthy buildings and their impact on productivity Indoor air '93: thermal environment, building technology, cleaning Vol.

And absenteeism. In studies of environmentally responsive workstations, which allow individual control in openplan offices, it is claimed that the workstations improve performance by up to 9%. There have been few studies of the effect of indoor air quality on performance. Those reported in this review produced mixed results but several showed that high levels of pollutants adversely affect performance. One study found a 3% reduction in wasted staff time when pollutants were diluted. There are more studies examining ventilation rates but most have shown that increasing the ventilation rates above current standards does not improve productivity (or reduce ill-health).

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