European Immigration Policy by Sami Nair (Eds.)

By Sami Nair (Eds.)

Eu Immigration coverage is dedicated to the issues of minorities and immigrants in the eu neighborhood. It comprises many papers drawn from the Strasbourg convention of December 1990. An introductory paper argues the matter of immigration as neither prevention nor aid, yet of acceptable improvement making plans for the South and the political administration of the migrations which needs to happen mostly end result of the monetary requisites of the group itself. extra essays speak about the location of immigrant and migrant peoples locally, modern immigrant and nationality guidelines, Christianity and immigration, Spain's unlawful immigrants, and the combination or marginalization of immigrants in French society

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A more refined single market? A businessman's Europe? What is the vision here, what is the culture, what kind of civilisation will this Europe be? Will it just be one whose only laws are those of profit? A self-centred, introvert Europe turned in upon itself? A fortress Europe where we can hide ourselves and our riches and defend ourselves from assault by the invaders? There are those who have already barricaded themselves in, away from the light of publicity and democratic control. Do we want that kind of Europe or, on the contrary, a humane Europe which promotes solidarity and human rights?

For them, it is the profound affirmation that there is no contradiction between assimilation and difference, no more than there is a necessary relation between assimilation and integration or difference and exclusion. Assimilation understood in this way is the possibility, more than this, the right, of a people to claim the whole world as its watering hole, to profit from it, and contribute, through difference, to openness and exchange. Having stressed this positive aspect, we should point out immediately that the characteristic ambiguity of French West Indian reality does not always function in such a positive way * Sociologist.

The Single Act? This is little more than a free trade agreement between the Twelve; simply one without political control. The lack of political dimension means that the blind laws of competition will prevail. All in all, the Single Act is an attempt to make economic liberalism the mode of structuration of the new Europe. The economic upturn will take place, however, only in the context of a savage increase in social inequalities which are already happening and which will increasingly affect the relationship between Europe and the Third World more and more.

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