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Release S3 on the transmitter and receiver, then press and hold S3 on the receiver again and momentarily press S3 on the transmitter. If the registration process still fails, try re-randomising the parameters and then register again. The randomisation and registering procedure must be done for each new transmitter. Note that registering a transmitter will prevent the use of a previously registered transmitter if it has the same identity. For this reason, transmitters need to have their own identity.

What else could you achieve with smart yogurt? On his blog, Pearson explains: ‘You can do active skin, with 10 micron chips containing hundreds of thousands of transistors embedded among skin cells, using infra-red to communicate with each other. They will analyse blood passing in capillaries. They will monitor and record nerve signals associated with sensations, and allow them to be replayed at will’. ‘We will embed chips in our corneas to raster scan lasers onto our retinas to create full 3-D high-res video overlays on what we see in the real world’.

Fit four AA alkaline cells into the battery holder and your new Megohm/Insulation Meter is ready for its initial checkout. Initial checkout If you set switch S3 to its ON position, a reassuring glow should appear from the LCD display window – from the LCD module’s back-lighting, and you should also see the meter’s initial greeting ‘screen’. You may need to adjust contrast trimpot VR2, until you get a clear and easily visible display. ) After a few seconds, the LCD should change to the meter’s measurement ‘screen’, where it displays the current test voltage setting, together with the measured leakage current and resistance (as shown in the opening photograph).

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