Fabrication Procedures - Mfg High-Flux Isotope Reactor Fuel

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The fuel plate is and the area with the maximum reading is the fuel hump. 5 PLATE INSPECTION At this point in the process, extensive inspection carefully from this step on throughout starts. Plates must be handled very the rest of the process to prevent bowing or kinking. , Chicago, Illinois. -. - .. , ..... -- /-. T ---------- .. =.... . . . -,. ,. ,, . >= operators are instructed on ways to pick up and lay down plates to prevent them from sagging. The flat plates are inspected visually for blisters and surface damage before and after each operation by the operators, as shown in Fig.

Min) with the following average. are scanned, the electrical of the standards. standards: All plates +27Y0 spot and AI 20/. If a signal is received that exceeds the standard signal, the machine circuitry is tripped and prints out on a chart the location of the fuel limit violation. Red ink signifies a spot violation, green ink at+12% average violation, purple ink a - 12% average violation, and blue ink an indication of fuel in the unfueled zone of the plate. All plates that are rejected for +120/.

The cavity is filled to the contoured 18 surface as evenly as possible. A stainless steel leveling tool is used to smooth the blend to the same shape as the contoured surface of the die top (as shown in Fig. 15). The jack under the lower punch is adjusted to raise or lower the charge to the height just necessary to completely fill the dje top cavity. The leveling tool is used in a back-and-forward across the die top by gathering stroke. The powder is moved it on the flat portion in front and then pushing with the leveling tool.

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