Forbidden Knowledge: Information They Don't Want You to by Robert E. Bauman

By Robert E. Bauman

You'll quickly carry on your personal arms all you want to be aware of to dwell the lifetime of a really sovereign citizen -- with inside of, money-multiplying info on the way you can... a few of the themes contain: The which means of average Liberty, moment Passports & twin Nationality, Offshore Banking, Your funds and property making plans, Taxes & tips to stay away from them Legally, Offshore Tax Havens, own privateness and defense, and Offshore web content

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Financial analysts rarely stop to ask this obvious question. Perhaps it is because the answer, suggested in the BIS study, is too alarming, or simply too damaging to the financial markets' self-esteem. T h e fact is that despite the apparently sophisticated and overdeveloped financial industry operating on Wall Street, American investors are among the most primitive and insulat in the world. In 1990, American pension funds and life insurers each held only four percent of their portfolios in foteign assets.

Fortunately, this hellish vision is nowhere near fruition. Indeed, experts we have polled tell us it will take an effort compatable to the development of an anti-ballistic missile system to make surveillance this intensive a reality. " It also makes the stakes for persons seeking greater freedom and sovereignty higher than ever as we enter 2003. In this environment, the international wealth building, wealth preservation and privacy preservation techniques outlined by The Sovereign Society have never been more important.

Everyone participated in the decisions. " At the primal level of our brains, and in spite of all indoctrination to the contrary, strangers are non-kin, and are thus viewed either as potentially dangerous or to be exploited. When political power is handed to distant persons, those individuals instinctively tend to use it to benefit themselves, their immediate kin, and those who support their power. Simply declaring independence from a distant tyrant, however, does not solve the problem of despotism if the political system remains intact.

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