From Hobbits to Hollywood ~ Essays on Peter Jackson's Lord by Ernest Mathijs, Murray Pomerance

By Ernest Mathijs, Murray Pomerance

Peter Jackson’s movie model of The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) is the grandest fulfillment of twenty first century cinema thus far. however it is usually associated with topical and social issues together with struggle, terrorism, and cultural imperialism. Its kind, symbols, narrative, and constitution look regularly already associated with politics, cultural definition, difficulties of cinematic type, and the elemenal mythologies that the majority profoundly catch our imaginations. From Hobbits to Hollywood: Essays on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the earrings treats Jackson’s trilogy as having stipulations of lifestyles: a cultured and a political. Like different cultural artefacts, it leads a double lifestyles as objet d’art and public assertion in regards to the international, in order that not anything in it really is ever simply cinematically attractive or tasteful, and not anything is ever only a message or an opinion. Written by means of major students within the research of cinema and tradition From Hobbits to Hollywood offers Jackson’s trilogy the fullest scholarly interrogation to this point. starting from interpretations of The Lord of the jewelry’ ideological and philosophical implications, via discussions of its altering fandoms and its incorporation into the Hollywood of stars, expertise, style, and promotion, to issues of CGI results, appearing, structure and magnificence, the essays contained right here open a brand new vista of feedback and light-weight, for ardent enthusiasts of J.R.R. Tolkien, fans of Jackson, and all those that yearn for a deeper appreciation of cinema and its relation to tradition.

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I am not offering one privileged allegorical reading for The Lord of the Rings, but am arguing that a plurality of allegorical readings are possible of the novels and film cycle. While some critics scorn allegorical interpretations because they allegedly build on one-to-one schematic readings of texts, I am using a model of allegory, based on a reconstruction of the positions of Walter Benjamin and Jameson cited above, that posits different levels of allegory in texts ranging from existential and moral to political and philosophical.

Humans and others contemptuously refer to Hobbits as “Halflings,” and groups like Elves and Dwarves exhibit intense distrust and hostility toward each other. The squabbling groups in the Fellowship must 24 Douglas Kellner overcome their differences and bond together to fight Sauron and his monsters, whose armies are ruthless killers devoid of any moral scruples. The Fellowship, and positive figures in Jackson’s trilogy, are largely white, often with blonde hair and/or blue eyes, signifying distinctly Aryan configurations, while the villains are invariably dark in complexion or soul, setting up a deeply racist problematic.

Running from the faceless men in black riding black horses, Sam and Frodo encounter fellow young Hobbits Merry and Pippin stealing food; they are chased together by the farmer and the Nazgûl. In a frightening scene, the blackclad Riders suddenly attack the Hobbits on their jet black horses, hissing ferociously and chasing the terrorized Hobbits through the woods. Seen through the eyes of the little Hobbits, the Black Riders appear as dangerous forces of violence and evil. At the Inn, some of the Hobbits fill up on excessive amounts of brew while a mysterious cloaked man called “Strider” smokes and watches over the proceedings.

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