Fundamentals of General Linear Acoustics by Finn Jacobsen, Peter Moller Juhl

By Finn Jacobsen, Peter Moller Juhl

ISBN: 1118346416
EAN: 9781118346419
ASIN: 1118346416
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2013-07-29
Number of Pages: 300

Acoustics bargains with the construction, regulate, transmission, reception, and results of sound. because of acoustics being an interdisciplinary box, this publication is meant to be both obtainable to readers from a number backgrounds together with electric engineering, physics and mechanical engineering.
This publication introduces the basics of acoustic wave movement. It addresses in a transparent and systematic method essentially the most tricky components of acoustics for novices, equivalent to the commonly diversified approximations as a result of huge frequency diversity, the it sounds as if arbitrary selection among using analytical options to the wave equation with boundary stipulations, and the essentially diverse energy-based concerns utilized in noise keep watch over. for this reason, it offers readers with a self-contained resource of data on acoustics which might be used for self-study or as a graduate direction text.

Key features:

Places an emphasis on particular derivations in accordance with the elemental legislation of physics and interpretations of the ensuing formulas.

Avoids, the place attainable, electric and mechanical an identical circuits, as a way to make it available to readers with assorted backgrounds.

Introduces duct acoustics, sound in enclosures, and sound radiation and scattering.

Contains a suite of appendices consisting of fabric on sign research and processing as those instruments are crucial for the trendy acoustician.

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This analysis can be carried out by means of digital analysers that employ the discrete Fourier transform (‘Fast Fourier Transform analysers’ or ‘FFT analysers’). This topic is outside the scope of this chapter; see Appendix B. Alternatively, the signal can be passed through a number of contiguous bandpass filters4 with different centre frequencies, a ‘filter bank’. The filters can have the same bandwidth or they can have constant relative bandwidth, which means that the bandwidth is a certain percentage of the centre frequency.

The term white noise is an analogy to white light. When white noise is passed through a bandpass filter, the mean square of the output signal is proportional to the bandwidth of the filter. It follows that when white noise is analysed with constant percentage filters, the mean square of the output is proportional to the centre frequency of the filter. For example, if white noise is analysed with a bank of octave band filters, the mean square values of the output signals of two adjacent filters differ by a factor of two.

7), uˆ r = − A e j(ωt−kr) 1 ∂ pˆ = jωρ ∂r ρc r 1+ 1 jkr = pˆ ρc 1+ 1 jkr . 40) Because of the spherical symmetry there are no components in the other directions. Note that far from the source8 the sound pressure and the particle velocity are in phase and their ratio equals the characteristic impedance of the medium, just as in a plane wave. On the other hand, when kr 1 the particle velocity is larger than |p|/ρc ˆ and the sound pressure and the particle velocity are almost in quadrature. These are near field characteristics, and such a sound field is also known as a reactive field.

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