Genes IX by Benjamin Lewin

By Benjamin Lewin

From popular writer Benjamin Lewin comes the most recent variation of his vintage textual content, Genes IX. for many years Lewin has supplied the educating neighborhood with the main leading edge presentation of molecular biology and molecular genetics, protecting gene constitution, sequencing, association, and expression. the recent 9th version boasts a clean smooth layout and modern paintings application, in addition to a brand new association which permits scholars to concentration extra sharply on person issues. completely up-to-date all through, together with a brand new bankruptcy on Epigenetic results, Genes IX proves to be the most up-tp-date, entire and student-friendly molecular biology textual content to be had!

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Each metabolic step is catalyzed by a par­ ticular enzyme, whose production is the responsibility of a single gene. A mutation in the gene alters the activity of the protein for which it is responsible. A modification in the hypothesis is needed to accommodate proteins that consist of more than one subunit. If the subunits are all the same, the protein is a homomultimer, repre­ sented by a single gene. If the subunits are dif­ ferent, the protein is a heteromultimer. Stated as a more general rule applicable to any het­ eromultimeric protein, the one gene : one enzyme hypothesis becomes more precisely expressed as one gene: one polypeptide chain.

Different isolates of a particular viroid strain vary from one another, and the change may affect the phenotype of infected cells. For exam­ pIe, the mild and severe strains of PSTV differ by three nucleotide substitutions. Viroids resemble viruses in having herita­ ble nucleic acid genomes. They fulfill the crite­ ria for genetic information. Yet viroids, which are sometimes called subviral pathogens, dif­ fer from viruses in both structure and function. Viroid RNA does not appear to be translated into protein, so it cannot itself code for the func­ tions needed for its survival.

CHAPTER 2 Genes Code for Proteins A Gene Codes for a SingLe PoLypeptide • The one gene: one enzyme hypothesis summarizes the basis of modern genetics: that a gene is a stretch of DNA coding for a single polypeptide chain. t~:r 24 III Key concepts Each gene is part of a continuous Start of gene gene are the different forms that are found at its locus. The key to understanding the organization of genes into chromosomes was the discovery of genetic linkage-the tendency for genes on the same chromosome to remain together in the progeny instead of assorting independently as predicted by Mendel's laws.

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