Genetics and Mutagenesis of Fish by C. Kosswig (auth.), Dr. Johannes Horst Schröder (eds.)

By C. Kosswig (auth.), Dr. Johannes Horst Schröder (eds.)

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Thus, there are no ySr linked compensator genes present. This is understandable because there are normally no YY-animals so that no dosage compensation for Y linked genes is necessary. On the other hand it follows from the expression of three X-ray-induced mutations that very strong controlling elements for Sr are located on the Y chromosome. In these mutants (Sr', Sr" and Sr"') the macromelanophores are already present at birth in great quantity allover the body of the fish, and increase with aging.

The term 'preferential mating' and perhaps even 'Praegung' offer starting points for experimental solutions. As should already be clear, fish behave differently from other vertebrates in so many respects that conclusions as to evolutionary mechanisms drawn from other groups should only be applied with great caution. References l Aida, T. (1930): J. , 1-16. Aksiray, F. (1952): Hidrobiologi (Istanbul) 1, 33-81. , Anders, F. et al. (1969): zool. Anz. ) 33, 333-339. Anders, A. et al. (1971): Experentia 27, 931-932.

Bottom: 50 ~m confirmed by two series of the experiments. The gonad of a genetic female fry developed into an ovary if the graft was transplanted into a female fish. On the other hand, the gonad of a genetic female graft transplanted into a male fish failed to develop into an ovary and formed spermatogenetic cells in the gonad of abnormal structure (Fig. 3). Fig. 3. Abnormal gonad developed in a graft in the eye of a male host fish 25 days after transplantation. Some cell-nests are seen on the periphery of the gonad and a lumen in the center.

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