Glimpses of Space: The Feminine Principle and EVAM by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

By Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

This ebook introduces pivotal teachings on evam and the female precept. it truly is in line with the Evam and female precept seminars. The Evam Seminar is a three-yana presentation of the evam precept, the union of masculine and female.

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That is another method of the feminine principle, which is known as "she who gives birth to all the buddhas," the prajnaparamita. That is how she gave birth to all the buddhas, to the attainment of enlightenment. In this case, it is quite simply keen perception. We will be able to see the world without misunderstanding, without confusion. We will see clearly and fully the apparent phenomena play of principles, the feminine principle in particular. That seems to be the basic point. So meditation is the only way of subjugating the uncontrollable energies of the feminine principle.

It also lends another kind of energy, which is that of the earth rather than that of the sky. It has a journey-upward quality rather than a journeydownward quality. At the same time, instead of the sympathy and softness of the maitri principle that we discussed, the masculine principle seems to have a very angry state of being. It is highly complaining and resentful that you have to go through the space in order to achieve something. The masculine principle is somewhat resentful. At the same time, it gives in and accepts orders from the space-from the mother, so to speak.

You are not coming, you can't say that; you are not going, you can't say that. You are just somewhere there-you can't even say that! E! [Laughter] That's it. It's very frightening. It is more frightening once you get hold of that particular understanding, so to speak-"hold," metaphorical speaking [laughter], just a linguistic problem we have here. But the more you see it-it is more dangerous, seemingly. And you find yourself being more frightened, absolutely frightened, petrified, terrified that there's so much space once we get into the path.

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