Godly finances and the Bible way to pay off your home by David Crank

By David Crank

Christian consultant to private funds

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We just patiently worked our way down the list, all the time believing God to help us pay off our debts. Even in our giving we gave toward the goal of being completely out of debt. Whether we gave to a ministry or to people, we would say, "Father, this is toward our goal of heading toward the Land of Even. " Sometimes I'd get that list out and just look at it. It gave me great joy to look at what we had already scratched out and to see where we were headed. I'll tell you what, that list was a point of contact for our faith.

I have experienced the reality of God's blessings in the area of my finances. And it's glorious to be free from financial debt and bondage and begin to know what it is to have "no lack". Godly Finances presents a very balanced message and practical principles which you can begin applying today... principles which will help to bring you out of financial bondage! This book also offers a first-hand perspective about finances because it represents the principles which the author, David Crank, has applied to his own life to bring about the financial freedom he now enjoys.

Once again we see the same theme which we found in I Timothy 6:10. Money is not evil. Trusting in money and its power rather than in the power of God is evil. In Mark 4:19 Jesus said that one of the things which can stop the Word of God from growing in our hearts is the deceitfulness of riches. " Riches can deceive you; they can mislead you—if you begin to trust in and rely upon them rather than upon God. There are pitfalls in riches. But, thank God, we have the Bible and the Holy Spirit to teach us how to avoid those pitfalls.

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