Greyhawk: Folk, Feuds, and Factions (part of The City of by Douglas Niles, Mike Breault, Kim Mohan

By Douglas Niles, Mike Breault, Kim Mohan

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Repnel will most often be encountered doing his rounds of the Artisans' Quarter. He is not particularly interested in tackling PC parties, preferring less danger· ous pursuits such as harassing storekeepers and ordering punitive raids. If adventurers are especially stupid and obviously ripe for divestjng of their hard· won cash, then Repnel will divert some of his work force to waylay them. ~th his protection racket, and may perpetrate crimes that are much worse than robbery and assault. The Guild in the Foreign Quarter The Foreign Quarter is an exciting Jllace for thieves.

The Guild in the Artisans' Quarter Thieving activities in the Artisans' Quarter are largely confined to collecting protection money from businesses within the quarter and stealing from those who don't or won't pay up. The Artisans' Quarter maintains only a small number of ' indigenous thieves, relying on the other quarters' guild contingents to provide ex· Ira manpuwer as required. The thieves in the Artisans' Quarter are coordinated by Repnel Porton. Repnel Porton Master Thief, Artisan9' Quarter AC 3 (leather amJor + 3 and Dex 16); MV 9: T8; hp 32: THACO 17/16; #AT 1: Dmg ld8 +2 (broad sword +2); Str 14.

The Butchers' Guild Membership in this guild totals 80-20 master butchers, 35 journeyman butchers, and 25 apprentices. in&'S are generally held in the house or store of the Guildmaster, and in normal circumstances only the master butchers are invited to attend. The Butchers' Guild is the city's oldest guild, fotmed foUowing an unfortunate and fatal outbreak of food poisoning at an in1portant state banquet attended by the 31 Directorship ;md amb;~ssadors from neighboring powers, and naturaUy deals with the butchering, seasoning, preparation, curing.

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